Travel Tips For the Holiday Season

The holiday season is easily one of the busiest times for travel.

The high numbers of commuters can make for less than ideal travel conditions.

Travel agent Patty Auka says when flying during the holidays, you should show up an hour and a half early for your flight and up to three hours early if you’re flying internationally.

“You don’t want to be there too short and all of the sudden because you don’t get there in enough time they can close the doors on you on the aircraft and deny you boarding,” says Auka.

Before you pack your bags though, you want to make sure you’re not packing anything that might get you in trouble with the TSA.

One slightly surprising travel tip is if you’re traveling with Christmas presents this season, you might want to make sure they’re not wrapped before you go.

“That is a big thing not to do because if it gets scanned by security they’re going to want to see what’s in that package,” says Auka.

They say booking your trips early is important.

“If you’re thinking about traveling for Christmas still now is the time to be booking for your flights. If you can be flexible there are still decent rates out there,” says Auka.

As for traveling for Thanksgiving, Patty says finding a good deal on a flight isn’t likely at this point.

You can never book too early.

“I’ve had a client who’s booked for 2018 and they booked it this summer,” says Auka.

Book early, know the TSA rules, and get to the airport early.

Remember those three tips, and your vacation is in good shape.

For a list of what items are not allowed to be in your carry–on luggage, click on this link.

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