MSUM Leaders Focus on Combating Racism on Campus

A racist comment that was written outside of an MSUM dorm room has the student body speaking up.

The comment written on a dry erase board outside a student’s dorm room read: “Trump Hates N——.

It was clearly linked to the presidential election.
“I think the first step is recognizing the issue and seeing what our campus can do to actively combat racism on our campus so we are making students of color feel welcome here,” said Lexi Byler, who is President of the Black Student Union on campus.
MSUM’s president also speaks out on this incident and says how the university plans on moving forward.
“Those who feel personally targeted or even students who feel afraid of what this means for them, we’ve offered resources and support and made sure they know where they can go on campus to have the support that they need,” said President Anne Blackhurst.
Prior to this incident, MSUM has addressed issues of intolerance.
“I’m not naive. I know that racism exists in the larger community and we are a microcosm of that community and so I know it exists on our campus,” added Blackhurst.
“One thing I’ve really been pushing is for the administration and the campus in general is to be more actively anti-racist.”
Students say that there needs to be a higher level of respect on campus for minorities in general.
“And I’m an international student and it somehow touched me as well,” said student Azim Usmanov.
Racism is not the only thing the administration finds unacceptable on campus.
“Hate crimes, bias incidents, those kinds of actions and behaviors will not be tolerated on our campus,” said Blackhurst.
It seems that the only way to move forward from these behaviors is to actively work together as a student body.
“They just challenge community values to such an extent that it’s imperative that the leader of communities speak out,” explained Blackhurst.
Fortunately, the student who was victimized says that he does not feel threatened at MSUM.
The Black Student Union will hold a meeting on Friday to talk about this latest incident.

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