DAPL Protest Held on Veteran’s Memorial Bridge

Protesters took to the streets at 300 protests held in all fifty states.

One of those protests was held on Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Hundreds of people gathered on the bridge to join in the national day of protest against the construction of the pipeline.

“We all have that one soul together all over the world today,” says Willard Yellow Bird, a local spiritual leader.

The protest which began earlier this year has been continues to gain media attention and the sheer scope of these protests goes to show how much support this movement has.

“We’re being heard and people are really standing behind this,” says Geneva Good Bear.

So far some progress has been made at stopping the pipeline.

“One of the biggest things is that they have halted construction for now and hopefully construction won’t continue and it will be diverted,” says protest organizer Lacy Tooker-Kerkevuld.

This mass gesture across the nation is to help bring even more attention to the Standing Rock protests.

These protests all across the country are really trying to get the word out. They’re using social media to do that.

At each one of these protests people are broadcasting on Facebook Live.

You can actually see right here, the one in Washington DC, Bernie Sanders is speaking at that event.

Many of these protesters are not native but for those that are, this is more than just an environmental fight.

“I know a lot of people are saying we’re the green environmentalists but we’re Native American. This is our culture, this is our heritage, this is who we are,” says Good Bear.

With the construction company looking for a federal court ruling to allow them to continue construction, some here hope the president will do something about it.

“He makes that statement and says no. Find a different route,” says Yellow Bird.

It’s an issue these protesters say can’t be ignored by lawmakers or the people of the world anymore.

Twenty–eight protesters were arrested west of Mandan where hundreds of protesters placed a truck and tree branches on BNSF Railway tracks, delaying trains for three hours.

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