FM Chamber’s Voices of Vision: Robert O’Neill, Decorated Navy Seal, Visits Fargo

One of the nation’s most decorated veterans makes a stop in Fargo.

Robert O’Neill spoke to a crowd at the Fargo–Moorhead Chamber’s Voices of Vision luncheon.

O’Neill served as a Navy SEAL and on Seal Team Six in some of the most difficult military missions in the Middle East.

O’Neill’s presentation was about building successful teams through including the right people, being prepared, decision making under pressure and committing to never quit.

“No matter what, we never quit,” said O’Neill. “No matter how bad it got, people would be so close to a goal. Ninety percent of them would have a bad day and all of sudden that’s it, throw their hands in the air, I quit, I’m done with project. You’re not having a bad life, you’re having a bad day.”

In previous years, the Voices of Vision speakers included former New York City mayor Rudy Giulani and former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

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