Winter: The Time to Prepare is Now

With temperatures still in the fifties, this November has been unusually warm.

But with threats of snowstorms, experts say the time to prepare for winter is now.
It’s a late start to winter for the Red River Valley.
“Gosh, it’s just gorgeous out here,” said Cory Michels, who lives in Fargo. “You think of November and it’s this nice out. He’s (Jamis) just loving it outside. Any chance I can get him outside, I’ll take it.”
For Cory and little Jamis, it’s an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors just a little bit longer.

But snowfall is on the horizon.

While it’s still above freezing, many are getting ready for the ice and snow.
“We’re seeing an uptake in sales of sand tubes, salt, shovels, you name it,” said Warren Brown, general manager at Mac’s Hardware Store.
As Warren says, there’s one mistake you don’t want to make.
“Biggest mistake is not being ready,” Brown said.
He has a few tips to get you ready.
“Preparation is key when you’re talking about winterizing your home,” he explained. “You want to get your plastic over your windows now. We’re almost running out of time, so now is the time to do it, as well as fill in any gaps around piping that’s coming into your house with foam. Check your waters lines; make sure they’re okay, because that gets pretty costly.”
Until the storm hits, there’s still time to enjoy the warm weather
“I’m just taking this day to bask in the sunshine and just have fun outside with this little guy,” Cory said.

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