UPDATE: St. Cloud’s Crossroads Mall Lockdown Ends

UPDATE: In an update to a story we first brought you Thursday night.

Waite Park Police say the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud is safe for shoppers after it was locked down Thursday night by reports of a man with a gun.
“The recency of the other incident probably has some people on edge. But I just wanna emphasize the mall…the lockdown was precautionary, and business as usual,” said Waite Park Police Chief Dave Bentrud.
Waite Park Police responded to the Crossroads Mall about 6:30 Thursday night after witnesses reported seeing a man with a gun confront a couple outside of the food court.

The man did not threaten the couple or pull the gun out of his waistband.

Police searched for the man and an accomplice but did not find them.

They say they may know who the men are but are following multiple leads.

Crossroads Mall is the site of a stabbing attack that ended in the fatal shooting of the suspect.

PREVIOUS STORY 8:15pm:  A St. Cloud mall that was the location of a mass stabbing attack in September is on lockdown after reports of a person with a weapon in the food court was posted on social media.

Police surrounded the Crossroads Mall about 6:45pm after several people in error posted on Twitter a man had pulled a gun on someone in the food court.

The St. Cloud Police Department issued a statement saying a man and woman were seen arguing outside the mall near the food court when two other males came up to the couple.

Police say witnesses tell them one of the males lifted the front of his shirt, showing a gun in his waistband but did not point it at anyone or threaten anyone.

Witnesses say the two males then went into the mall and entered the food court.

Everyone was asked to leave the mall grounds while police search for the men and the mall is on lockdown.

Many people took to Twitter and other social media outlets who had been inside the mall.

On September 17th, Dahir Adan dressed himself in a security guard’s uniform and attacked 10 people with a knife before he was shot and killed by an off duty police officer.

All of the victims survived that attack.

Police say so far they do not believe anyone has been injured and are actively searching for the men.

We will have more on this story as it develops.

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