First Snow Means Trouble for Truckers and Commuters

If you had to be on the road this morning … you likely had a rough ride.

Unlike in Fargo and Moorhead, the conditions are a lot worse in Rothsay.

You’re not going to see a whole lot of people doing much.

Schools are canceled and people are staying inside but there’s a lot of action going on at the Rothsay truck stop.

High winds ripping snow across the interstate.

“We’re light on our trailer so we’re afraid that we’re going to be blown off the road or flipped over,” said truck driver Gene Stovicek.

Icy roads don’t help either.

“Be very careful out there because it can be treacherous,” said Mark Laighton, owner of the Rothsay Truck Stop. “You know the winter is what it is. It’s icy.”

Ice caused truck drivers to pull over and wait out the harsh road conditions, but not everyone made that call though.

“Ten miles back that way I saw two cars and one semi off the road already,” said truck driver Eric Davis.

For those living in the town, the storm made for longer commutes.

Valerie Merwin had a hard time getting back from her job in Fergus Falls last night.

“I thought, ‘no biggie, I’ll be out of there at a good time and make it home safely’. Well, it took me about 45 minutes to get home,” she said.

Merwin did the right thing, driving slower can be the difference between getting home safely or not at all.

“Just slow down that’s the biggest thing,” said Davis. “It’s better to stop and wait it out than be in a ditch somewhere or hurt somebody.”

There are a few signs, however, that some people are taking advantage of the first snowfall.

“It’s exciting! You know? Holidays are coming up. You’ve got to expect it if you live here,” said Merwin.

And school is canceled so kids have got to love that.

Just to reiterate, if you’re not used to driving in these kinds of conditions and you’ve got to leave, just remember to keep those speeds down and be safe.

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