Area Students Team Up for Fill the Dome 2016

The Fargodome trades in its green turf for thousands of food items.

“We just knock on doors and ask if they would be interested in donating,” said Davies High School sophomore Mckenzie Burian. “Most people are extremely generous when it comes to this.”

That’s just one way students collected nonperishable food items for the 10th annual Fill the Dome event.

“This has got to be close to some of the most food we’ve had,” added Burian.

The schools work together to display their food in a 10 to represent the amount of years the event has been celebrated.

The donations are taken to the Great Plains Food Bank just in time for Thanksgiving.

“I think teenagers are often thought of as…like…selfish in our community,” confessed Burian. “But I think this really proves them wrong.”

“This is a different layout then it was in the previous years,” said Fill the Dome adviser Jerricoh Hansen. “It used to be just different rows and what not but now, we are trying to connect the schools a lot better.”

Thirty-one elementary schools, seven middle schools and 11 high schools join the event of giving back.

For some, it’s something to look forward to year after year.

“I’ve lived in Fargo my whole life and I remember high schoolers when I was in elementary school coming door to door and asking,” explained Burian. “So I think it’s really cool that I get to be in it.”

No matter what time of the year it is, these volunteers hope their actions inspire you to lend a hand in any way possible.

“Monetary donations go farther than actual food itself,” said Hansen. “Monetary goes with traveling and distribution of the food.”

The students have a goal of raising over $29,000, which is what they raised last year.

Great Plains Food Bank is weighing the amount of donations in the morning.

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