Moorhead Man Fears His Safety After Second Home Invasion

A Moorhead man is on edge after he experiences not one…but two home invasions in two years.

In fact, the two men know each other.

And now, he says his landlord is threatening eviction.

The suspects not only broke into one door, but they broke into two as they came in and took an Xbox, money and smashed a TV.

“Normally I’m home on Sundays watching football and not doing anything else,” said Abraham Kollie. “But this was the one Sunday in like maybe six months that I wasn’t home.”

Moorhead Police got a call from neighbors around 4:00pm yesterday that two armed men were breaking into a home at 3409 15th St. South.

Abraham’s roommate, who was home at the time, was attacked as he tried to stop the burglars.

“While he was fighting one of them and he was on the floor over here, the other one came up and hit him with a sound bar on the back of his head,” said Abraham.

He says that he is not only concerned for his own safety, but also the safety of his two year old son, Ashton.

“I’m more worried about where I’m going to live, how my son’s doing and how I’m going to fix everything in the house pretty much,” Abraham added.

He says his landlord is threatening to evict him because he believes this break-in will cause future trouble in the neighborhood.

We attempted to contact Johnson Farms Apartments, but received no answer.

“I really don’t want to make it too big of a deal out of it,” admitted Abraham. “If I can find a new place to live, I’m willing to move. But if I can’t, winter’s just here and I have nowhere to go.”

“We’re all just trying to work together as a team to get the end result,” said Sgt. Toby Krone with the Moorhead Police Department.

And while the police are working on getting to the bottom of this, Abraham worries this won’t be the last time he’ll end up a target.

“Oh it’s going to happen again,” he declared. “He’s (the suspect) just going to build up more anger and he’s going to find me once he gets out of jail and it’s going to be the same cycle of violence and I just can’t escape.”

He says he plans on looking for a new place to live as soon as possible.

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