Black Friday Shoppers Spend Their Thanksgiving in Line

While some look forward to a Thanksgiving feast today, others look forward to shopping.

Black Friday shoppers around town sat outside as early as nine o’clock in the morning to guarantee their spot in line outside of select stores.

People brought chairs, lap tops, and lots of blankets to keep them warm and occupied while they were waiting.

Shoppers came out both for the deals and the tradition of Black Friday.

“You always get pretty good deals for Black Friday so we always do that for Christmas as either stocking stuffers or just presents for friends and family,” said Black Friday shopper Andrea Schumacher. 

“It’s just a tradition,” said Michael Schumacher. “After the second year, we were like, you know what, let’s see how long we can go for this and just kept going every year after this.”

Target, along with most department stores at West Acres Mall, is scheduled to open at 6:00pm Thanksgiving evening.

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