No Package Left Behind: Post Office Preps for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is right around the corner and post offices are gearing up for the large amount of shipments.

You will find multiple stores around the Red River Valley full of shoppers out looking for the best deal they can find.

But while many are shopping…others are choosing shipping.

“Services through Amazon and the rest of package companies right now are literally crazy,” said Post Master Gregory Johnson.

For some, Cyber Monday is a simple day of online shopping fun…bargains, sales, deals.

However, it’s a completely different story for the Fargo 2nd Avenue Post Office.

“The way the new world is now, everybody orders online,” said Gregory.

Gregory says the amount of packages they ship out during the week of Cyber Monday is sky rockets compared to the usual amount during the holidays.

“Probably maybe 7,500 next week and we expect that to continue right through Christmas,” said Gregory.

“In order to get things out, you got to get here earlier,” said customer Allen Cooper. “That’s the only thing I can tell people, you know.”

And the chaos of packaging doesn’t just end on Monday.

“Cyber Wednesday for us will be busy because that’s when the packages will come back through,” said Gregory. “Everybody that orders on Monday will have everything coming back through, especially through some of the vendors in 48 hours and usually on Wednesday, it really hits us hard.”

And it seems like packages aren’t the only things getting shipped out this holiday season.

“Passports are busy, especially at times when students are off,” he added.

And like the age old mission of the post office, Johnson says that they still continue to ensure that everything goes out on time.

“If they come in the same day, they’ll go out the same day. We never leave a package behind,” said Gregory.

“You know, so far, all my stuff has come on time with the post office and UPS, so everything’s been going pretty great,” said Allen.

As long as Mother Nature is in their favor, they say they don’t expect any delays.

The post office on 2nd Ave in Fargo will be extending their hours for the holidays on both Saturdays and Sundays.

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