Shopping With the Senator On Small Business Saturday

A noteworthy North Dakotan took advantage of Small Business Saturday.

Senator Heidi Heitkamp showed her support of small business in Grand Forks this afternoon.

Senator Heitkamp started shopping at Badman Design, checking out some of their festive and patriotic artwork.

“Yes, it’s fun to have her come down and see what we’re all about in Grand Forks,” said David Badman, owner of Badman Design.

The store isn’t generally in season around this time of the year, but Badman says Small Business Saturday sales are picking up in recent years.

“Each year it looks like we’re getting more and more people coming in for it,” said Badman.

Badman has been in Grand Forks for decades and has become a local staple.

“I mean I think everybody thinks about retail, they think about the big box stores orĀ  they think about whether you’re going to do it online,” said Senator Heitkamp. “But all across North Dakota, and especially here in Grand Forks, you have all of these entrepreneurs, all of these risk takers who are creating an amazing shopping experience.”

Stop two is Kittsona, a place striving to create a unique shopping experience above all else.

“We really pride ourselves on interactions with the guests and you know that personal touch to it. So Small Business Saturday is a wonderful opportunity to highlight those things and having the Senator here is just a fantastic addition to that,” said Nicole Johnson, co-owner of Kittsona.

Heitkamp says to keep these small businesses alive and well, it’s important that we come out and show support for them not only on Small Business Saturday, but all throughout the year.

“These are community members that are giving back every day to the community and they should be supported because if you don’t support them they’re going to be gone,” says Heitkamp.

Of course what would a shopping trip be if you didn’t come home with anything?

“I’ve picked up a pillow that says NODAK on it. It was the first thing that caught my eye and it’s just going to be a wonderful addition to the place where I lay my head in Washington DC,” says Heitkamp.

Senator Heitkamp says she thinks more and more people are coming out and supporting their local businesses each year.

Heitkamp also visited CURIOUS Clothing and Voxxy this afternoon.

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