Local Organizations Donating Items to DAPL Protesters

Two organizations are joining together to collect donations to send to those who plan to stay put protesting the pipeline.

Donations are being collected at Fargo-Moorhead Good Neighbor Project office in Moorhead.

As we head into colder temperatures, two local organizations are helping protestors prepare for the Winter.

Fargo–Moorhead Good Neighbor Project and Unity–USA are collecting items for protesters in Morton County.

“The kinds of tents that I saw last time when I was there would not withstand this kind of weather,” said Barry Nelson with the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition.

Nelson made his last trip to Standing Rock at the end of October.

He said even those temperatures were uncomfortable.

“That is my fear,” said Nelson. “People who are not familiar with the frigid weather that we can have here would be attempting to sleep in tents that are not made for this.”

A donation organizer did not want to say where exactly the donations will be brought or how, but did post on the Facebook event they are being delivered on Saturday.

By next Monday, the Army Corps of Engineers told protesters they must leave the encampment.

However, they say they won’t forcibly remove them.

Nelson says how this all ends is still anyone’s guess.

“There has been less stress being felt by people who are there I think right now,” he said. “The overriding…with the announcement of the eviction coming up on the December 5th…there’s really a high level of uncertainty and stress that goes along with that.”

Western North Dakota is under a winter storm warning until Wednesday night.

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