Update: Name Of Fargo Man Found Dead In Apartment Released

Fargo Police released the name of a man found dead after a fire call.

38 year old Nickolas A. Pulicicchio, from Fargo, was discovered after Fargo Firefighters responded to an apartment fire at 802 14th Street North.

Fargo Police say the official cause of death has not been confirmed.


An initial call for smoke in an apartment building leads to the discovery of a body by the fire department.

The call came in around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon for smoke in an apartment building near the NDSU campus.

“They made entry and found what is described to be a small fire,” said Deputy Chief Joe Anderson with the Fargo Police Department. “They were able to put that out, however, while they were doing that, they discovered a body of an individual.”

The gender, age, or cause of death of the individual is unknown.

“The firefighters knew when they entered…when they discovered the body, that the person was deceased,” explained Anderson. “So at that point, rather than trying to do any type of life saving efforts, they concentrated on putting out…extinguishing the fire first.”

The cause of the fire is also unknown.

The case is being investigated by both the police and fire departments.

“Their purpose will be to investigate the fire and our purpose, or our intent, will be to investigate what caused the unattended death, whether that was fire or something else,” Anderson said.

But here’s what they are able to tell us.

“It’s an unattended death,” Anderson said. “We treat these types of incidents as suspicious until proven otherwise. We have very little right now to release but we’re going to do our due diligence to make sure that we’re doing all the proper things to investigate this case.”

There is no significant damage to other units in the building.

People will be able to return to the apartment when the investigation is complete.

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