Standing Rock Chairman Tells Protestors “Time To Go Home”

Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault has a message for the protesters who remain at the camp: “[Your] purpose has been served and it’s time to go home.”

The Army Corps of Engineers announced yesterday that they denied the Dakota Access Pipeline easement. The corps more study is necessary and alternative routes need to be explored.

“If the new president comes in and tries to reverse it, nothing is going to happen [for a while], Archambault said. “It’s going to take time, they have to understand that. And it’s an opportunity for them to go home. It’s an opportunity for them to spend this winter, and if they celebrate holidays, to spend the holidays with their families. I know their families are yearning for them to come home.”

“There purpose has been served,” Archambault continued. “They brought worldwide attention to this area and I am thankful for their support, and I am thankful for their efforts but it’s time now. And everybody can just relax and go home.”

Today (Monday) is the day the federal government has ordered those camping at the main encampment, which is on Corps land, to leave. Authorities have stated they will not forcibly remove any protesters from the camp.

Archambault joined KFGO’s News and Views Monday morning to discuss the easement and how to move forward. You can listen to that interview at KFGO.COM.

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