Make Way for the Plow!

As equipment operators are out doing their jobs clearing the snow, they ask of drivers to keep an eye out for them.

Fargo Public Works has been out all morning clearing the streets.

Two crews on two shifts taking turns anti-icing, sanding and salting.

“The sooner we can get out to sand and salt the roads is definitely helpful obviously,” said Fargo Equipment Operator, Scott Johnson.

“This pre-wet solution that we started using…it’s a brine mixture that in our area they’ve felt that getting that down, it’s kind of a salt solution, getting it on that concrete pavement and then it’ll allow the sand to stick,” said Scott.

And now, the snow plows are even out.

“Stay back from the plow trucks definitely. Don’t try and pass us,” said Scott.

Fargo Public Works even shared with us a few driving tips to ensure the community’s safety.

“Just know at least the car length and a half between you and the car ahead of you just to give yourself that last little braking area,” said Scott.

“I’d encourage any motorists to drive for conditions and plan a little ahead if you plan on driving somewhere,” said Fargo Public Works Service Manager, Mark Williams.

Although it may not be easy keeping the roads cleared, Johnson says that he enjoys holding this responsibility.

“It can be fun. It can be some long nights, but when we get definitely big snows, you’re one of the few that’s out on the road legally,” said Scott.

Fargo Public Works will continue to have trucks out 24/7 until the roads are clear.

Crews on the road right now will be replaced by the next shift after 11 tonight.

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