Highways Opened, Truck Drivers Back to Work

The re-opening of I-94 allowed semis to head out of town.

Truck drivers stuck in Fargo overnight talked about how they passed the time.

“So you catch up sleep, laundry, shower, essentials,” said truck driver Richard Montgomery.

“Sleeping that’s it. Eating and sleeping. Nothing any other option we have left with,” said  Meninder Singh, who is a truck driver.

Singh said the layover affected his job.

“Where we would have reached in four days, now we have to wait for seven to eight days,” said Singh.

Not everyone felt the layover was a setback.

“I get layover, I get downtime,” said Montgomery. “They’ll pay me to sit by and play it safe okay when the roads are hazardous like they were yesterday.”

Some truck drivers said even though they were stuck at a truck stop, they are prepared for situations like these and enjoyed their time off the road.

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