Fargo and West Fargo Talk with State Legislators Before Session Begins

Local elected officials are hoping to catch legislators attention before the legislative session next month.

A meeting was held between state legislators and elected officials of the cities of Fargo and West Fargo to talk about important issues for the upcoming legislative session.

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney explained some of the issues being discussed.

“So going forth on the diversion…that’s really important that we get the funding for the diversion. Number one priority for the City of Fargo. Then go through infrastructure issues that we have and we can support many of those issues as well in the community.”

Mayor Rich Mattern of West Fargo kept his meeting short and to the point.

“There can be an information overload but I think we kept it simple to mainly bullet points and funding numbers, simple numbers,” he said.

“If you listen to it, there was a few other opinions of what they want to come out of legislation,” said State Senator Ronald Sorvaag of District 45. “But predominantly, I think it was updating where they’re at and what they need to go through the next couple years.”

Mattern said it’s important they get the money they are asking for from the state.

“Money’s going to be tight in this legislative session so we have to be there to make sure we get our priorities.” said Mattern.

Mayor Mahoney felt good about the discussion.

“We had a great turn-out of legislators,” he said. “We had great discussion after the meeting as well. People interacted and talked about personal issues they had or different things they wanted us to look at and we thought it was very successful.”

The legislatures say that these meetings are very important because it helps them understand what is important locally.

The North Dakota Legislative session will begin January 3rd in Bismarck.

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