Bison Tailgaters Brave the Cold Before the Last Home Game of the Season

It’s a bittersweet day for Bison fans, being that it’s the last home tailgate of the season.

The weather may be cold outside but it’s no match for these fired up Bison fans.

“Oh my gosh I’m so excited it’s not even funny, go Bison!,” said Bison Fan, Jill Anderson.

Bison fans once again prove they will go the distance to show their team spirit.

With the weather in the single digits, fans continued to cook on their grills, play bean bag toss games and throw up their horns.

“We love it. We love the Bison, we love coming to these games, it’s a blast! Great atmosphere,” said Bison Fan, Brenda Gorseth.

From booze to bundled up, fans made sure they stay warm.

“We’re North Dakotans. Were from the Midwest. This does not bother us. This is considered bikini weather,” said Brenda.

“I’ll tell you what I’ve been offered a pretty penny for this baby, I have! I love this hat! It keeps me warm,” said Jill.

As exciting as the actual game will be, the Herd shared why tailgating is in fact their favorite part.

“Getting to see the people nine times a year, that’s my favorite part. My buddies, my parents, all my good friends. I mean that’s why I come out here,” said Bison Fan, Jason Peterson.

“We’re just going to go from tailgate to tailgate and meet people and talk to people and Bison fans and that’s half the fun. Eat all of the wonderful food,” said Brenda.

Not all the tailgaters were supporting the home team.

“I know I might get hurt on the way to my car but otherwise yes, I’m super pumped I hope JMU wins.  I’m rooting for them.  I’m like their number one Fargo fan, so I’m pumped,” said JMU Alumni, Lauren Kupfer.

Dukes fans were far outnumbered in the Fargo Dome parking lot.

“We’re going to win. These boys are fantastic. They know what they’re doing. Great team,” said Jill.

“JMU is just one more step to getting to Frisco, but it’s one game at a time,” said Brenda.

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