Culver’s Helps the Golden Drive Get Presents For Kids In Need

A local restaurant is participating in the holiday spirit of giving.

Culver’s teamed up with the Golden Drive to help give those who are less fortunate gifts for the holiday.

Culver’s started accepting cash and gift donations in November from staff members and people in the community.

The gifts were geared towards kids, from infants to teenagers.

Some of the gifts included coloring books, snow boots, diapers, and backpacks.

“The community gives to us so much all year round and it’s not always about us, it’s about giving back for what we can,” said Ashley Nilson, the owner of Culver’s.

This is the third year that Culver’s have participated in the Golden Drive and they say that it has been a wonderful experience.

The gifts will be distributed to the families around the F–M area on Monday.

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