NDSU Commencement Brings Many First Generation Graduates

NDSU’s winter commencement was held this evening at the newly renovated SHAC facility.

This is the day that makes those years of hard work all worth it.

Walking across that stage and getting that diploma in hand opens possibilities for success.

This day is extra special for those who are the first in their families to complete college.

“It’s kind of just overwhelming, just a lot of emotions. I’m the first one in my family to graduate college so it’s kind of like a big thing a little bit. My parents were really emotional and stuff,” said graduate Timarra Klingenstein.

“I’m the first in my family to go to college and graduate as well. My parents were immigrants from Ethiopia, it’s just a huge honor for them to be here,” said graduate Hannan Aboubaker.

Now with diploma in hand, they will have advantages no one else in their families had.

Of course one of the big advantages is finding employment… something Hannan and her friends Mellina have already secured.

“With respiratory therapy NDSU has a pretty well–known program and about 99% of us left with jobs,” said graduate Mellina Hovorka.

Some of the graduates aren’t done just yet.

Seth Bisbee is going back for his masters.

“No, not totally done, I’ve guess I’ve liked it here enough that I’m going to come back and I’m looking forward to that. Starting right away in the spring,” Bisbee said.

Klingenstein is waiting to hear back from some possible job opportunities but she says she’s happy to not have to worry about school.

“Yeah nervous to hear back but excited but yeah enough studying and finals, that kind of stuff,” Klingenstein said.

More than 500 students graduated at the ceremony.

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