An Unexpected Morning For the YWCA

Flooding Takes Over The YWCA

Flooding at the YWCA Cass Clay Emergency Shelter caused them to shut down for the day.

The Fargo Fire Department was onsite mid-morning due to a burst sprinkler pipe.Water spread to three different floors of the building and a cleaning service has been working rapidly to clean it up.

Luckily, there was no structural damage and all women, children and YWCA staff and volunteers are accounted for and safe.

“I would tell you that it’s a bit chaotic but when you provide emergency shelter to victims of domestic violence and homelessness, our team of folks are used to working in crisis situations and handle themselves with the upmost professionalism,” said YWCA CEO, Erin Prochnow.

Until further notice, the shelter is unable to accept donated goods onsite and is encouraging the community to drop off their goods at the administrative office at 3100 12th avenue north.


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