Last Minute Holiday Rush Brings Crowds to Businesses Big and Small

Each year present procrastinators flood the isles to finish holiday shopping... this year is no exception to the rule.


With only two days left until Christmas, you’d think most people would have their gifts all squared away.

The crowds at businesses around town make it clear that’s not the case for every one.

“Well you know we got most of our stuff but my son had a few last minute things we needed to get and of course we procrastinated so here we are,” said shopper Timothy Ortez.

“We were hoping to buy everything through Amazon and do Prime, but we couldn’t get it in time for Christmas so I had to go out and actually face the chaos,” said holiday shopper Emily Kosta.

Although young, Ryne Ortez is no stranger to the headaches of holiday shopping.  “Well Christmas itself is fun, but Christmas shopping is probably one of my least favorite parts about Christmas.”

He’s shopping for his younger cousin.

Even though he may not be a fan of gift shopping, he says they joy his loved ones get from his Christmas gifts makes it worth the effort.

It’s not just the big department stores seeing big crowds.  Local businesses like Sweet Dreams Confections are seeing their fair share of late holiday shoppers.

“Any time of year they’re going to have a treat or give a treat or enjoy a treat or give it as a gift it’s this time of year. So it’s really bustling with mother nature’s gift of nice weather this week it’s been going real well,” said Sweet Dreams Confections owner, Lee Paseka.

For some, an extra special gift is one with flavor.

“Sometimes you can find some pops that are a little weird, names and stuff so it makes it a little more personable and a little more fun sometimes too,”says Sweet Dreams Confections customer, Janelle Lomsdal.

Even though lines may be long and businesses may be crowded, last minute shopping is a staple of the Christmas season.

The shoppers we spoke to all agree, if you’re trying to beat the big crowds… show up early.

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