Icy Roads Change Plans For Many

Many holiday travel plans were cancelled because of the weather, even if you didn't have far to go.

Many holiday travel plans were cancelled because of the weather, even if you didn’t have far to go.

“It’s not worth your life so stay home,” said Lance Figgins.

This is advice coming from a truck driver of over 30 years.

Lance Figgins is heading to southern Utah.

“Left home, got into the freezing rain in Park Rapids, by the time I got to Detroit Lakes it got worse. When I got here there was a big sign that said ‘you’re not going any farther’,” Figgins said.

He’s one of many drivers facing the sheets of ice across the state.

“This is probably the worst so far this year, because it’s more ice than snow,” said Nathan Metlen, a truck driver from Fargo.

A reason much of North Dakota is under a no travel advisory.

“Throughout the whole district, it’s pretty much ice covered,” said Kent Leysring, North Dakota Department of Transportation.

“You were fish tailing in your personal vehicles, a lot of the trucks weren’t even on the road,” said Metlen.

The Department of Transportation is working in full force on the road conditions.

“When the temperatures start to fall like this, and it ices back up, it’s kind of tough to get the sand to stay on this wind,” said Leysring. “It blows off, but we’re still scraping away at it, and doing what we can to get the ice as thin as we can.”

The DOT says its crews are out so if you see any updates online, they are in real time.

“Wind looks like it’s going to be down tomorrow morning, so it will give us a chance to get out there and get some of the ice off and do our work.”

You can also always call 5-1-1 before heading out the door to know the latest on road conditions and closures.

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