The YMCA Helping You Jumpstart Your 2017 Healthy Resolutions

The YMCA is helping out with New Year's Resolutions

With only two days left until the New Year, the YMCA says they want to help the community get a head start on 2017 healthy resolutions.

The gym is currently holding a ‘Friends don’t let friends pay full price’ deal.

They say if anyone wants to start a membership and names someone who has already joined, both people will receive 20% off of their membership all throughout 2017.

YMCA employees say it’s a great way for people to stay out of the cold and try some new work outs inside.

“I think that’s where at the Y we talk about there’s just so much more than being a part of the gym. This is our community within our walls, so people ask you like where have you been if you’ve been gone. They want to make sure you’re reaching your goals,” said Casey Sanders with YMCA.

Those who join before the new year with a referral will also be able to save the $50 enrollment fee.

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