Thin Ice Calls for Extra Precautions While Ice Fishing

Ice is still too thin in many areas for trucks to drive on



This year is similar to last year in that higher temperatures have delayed bodies of water from freezing on time in many areas.

The thinner ice can make activities like ice fishing carry a lot more risk.

Angler Harley Klemick says one benefit of thin ice is drilling is easier…even if you can’t drive to your warming house.

“Yeah, I still think it’s a little bit too early to drive pickup trucks out here, but I know a couple people that have,” said Klemick.

“It’s always scary to drive when you don’t know what’s under there and when it freezes up like this in a storm you have poor quality ice underneath,” said Hawley local Bob Olson.

Even though Olson has been fishing for years, he still doesn’t take any chances.

“Now I walk out there this year and last year was even worse,” said Olson.

The DNR said the ice needs to be at least 12 inches thick in order to drive a truck on it safely.

DNR said at the moment, ice thickness is varying between six and 14 inches.

While there are some places where trucks can drive safely on the ice, the DNR is asking people to take some extra precautions.

“Just make sure that you’re in an area that you know. Test the ice depth beforehand,” said DNR Conservation Officer William Landmark.

Even though the ice is thick enough to walk on without a problem the DNR still wants to make sure people know if you’re taking kids out on the ice, you need to be careful and make sure you keep an eye on them at all times.

“You know, 10 inch holes, a child’s leg could easily fall down one of those,” said Officer Landmark.

Klemick said when it comes to his kids, he can never be too safe.

“I plan on bringing the three–year–old out. She loves fishing, but I’m not going to bring her out on the ice until about 12 inches of ice,” said Klemick.

With Silver Lake sitting around eight inches, the DNR said it’s going to be a few weeks before the ice is up to par.

But once the lakes hit that 12 inch mark, they anticipate a busy year of ice fishing.

For a full description of ice depth recommendations click this link.

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