Fargo Public Works Clears the Streets

Plows in Fargo are out in full force as two major snow events hit the area

While most people had their driveways to shovel before leaving the house, road crews had countless routes to clear and are expecting to plow many more.

Fargo Public Works says the amount of snow Fargo got is a little more than what they’re used to.

But the type of snow is actually easier to clean up.

It’s powdery and soft.

“It’s not big, heavy wet stuff that you struggle cleaning,” said Lee Anderson with Fargo Public Works.

And that means less challenging for plows to move.

Anderson is calling this latest snowfall the largest amount Fargo has seen in a while.

“This is a little bit more of a significant event,” he said. “A little more snow to deal with. Takes us a little longer to do.”

If you’re driving around town, you’ll probably see not just one, but multiple snow plows.

“You have to provide service to the roads that have 25–30,000 cars a day versus a road that has 500 cars a day,” said Anderson.

Emergency routes are prioritized and cleared first.

However, Anderson says it’s unlikely they would ignore some parts of town such as neighborhoods as a result.

“When the wind blows and we get light snow, it will cause drifting issues and high banks,” he added. “We will have to address those probably the rest of the winter.”

In order to get a head start, Anderson said all hands are on deck.

“We borrowed staff from our mains and hydrant department and our forestry department so they are all in helping as well.”

Even on holidays, all available machines are out working.

“Every event we plow the whole city,” he added. Whether it’s two inches or 10. It doesn’t matter.”

Anderson said to be cautious while driving because roads can be slippery after they’ve been cleared off.

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