Checking Your Pipes Each Day May Keep the Plumber Away

Checking faucets and clearing roof vents can save homeowners expensive calls to the plumber or water damage to their basements

Damage from broken water pipes is a common occurrence this time of year, but it’s not the only wintertime problem homeowners face.

Flooded basements happen often in the winter and there’s a few things homeowners can do to prevent it.

“You should know where the main shutoff is for their water supply to the house,” said Ward Kuehn of Precision Plumbing. “Which is down in the basement in the mechanic room usually. That way, if they do have a frozen water line, it’s possible they can freeze and bust. They can shut off the whole house.”

Ward says to check your water supply every day to make sure that it’s running so you can prevent a bigger problem in the future.

“If you lose water in one bathroom, contact somebody right away and get it taken care of or shut your watermain off. So if it does happen to break, you don’t have that water problem,” Ward added.

But water pipes aren’t the only source of concern for homeowners this time of year.

“Gas smell in the houses…because the vent stacks on the roof freeze over or snow piles up on them and that creates back pressure in the house, which causes gas to get back in the house,” said Ward.

He said there are a few more pieces of maintenance homeowners can do to prevent a larger problem.

“Just keep your furnace serviced. Make sure that’s working well and keep your gas meters uncovered outside from getting them covered in snow,” he said. “You’ll never know if there’s a problem outside because you can’t see it…always keep you gas meters uncovered just in case.”

A few minutes a day of simple maintenance might just keep the plumber away.

Water damage from a broken pipe can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs.

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