Gov. Burgum Shares His Vision for North Dakota; Begins 2017 Session

Governor Burgum says he wants North Dakota schools to be the best in the world

North Dakota’s 33rd Governor laid out his vision for North Dakota.

Arthur native Doug Burgum opened the 2017 legislative session with his State of the State address.

Representatives, along with Senators, filled the House for the governor’s address.

Governor Burgum’s family joined the session to show support.

With that in mind, he shared something he wants all people of North Dakota to remember.

“I’ve personally experienced the power of gratitude,” he said. “I’ve watched it change outcome, change organizations, and I’ve watched gratitude change lives.”

Gov. Burgum said he’s ready to make changes for the better.

“We can upgrade our methods, our systems and our frequency for gathering input and feedback,” he explained.

Gov. Burgum Explains His Goals for the State

With technology now allowing education to go beyond a classroom, he’s urging all community members to work together.

“North Dakota schools can be the best in the world,” he stated.

Gov. Burgum says he and the majority Republican Legislature see eye to eye on many goals…including money.

“Next full budget cycle, we’ll implement zero based budgeting combined with better success metrics,” Gov. Burgum explained. “We can focus our spending where we get the highest return.”

Doing so, he says, without people paying more out of pocket.

“Right now is the time to right-size our government…to balance the budget without raising taxes.”

Gov. Burgum said in his speech that tackling addiction issues across the state can contribute to that.

“We need to start treating addiction like the chronic disease it is and by moving resources up stream we will save live and we will save tax payer money,” he explained.

Gov. Burgum also talked about the Dakota Access pipeline.

Moving forward, he said he wants to better understand the history of Native Americans.

Starting this week, he will be meeting with each individual tribe.

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