North Dakota Lawmakers Hope for Productive Session

State lawmakers gear up for a hefty set of issues for the first 2017 session

State lawmakers are now preparing to tackle some big issues under the guidance of the new governor.

A representative in the house said that the newly proposed budget may be different than what people have seen in the past.

On Thursday, lawmakers will begin working on the different committees.

Lieutenant Governor Brent Sanford spoke to the Senate about his and Burgum’s plans.

Sanford said he hopes to explore energy opportunities to help diversify the state’s economy.

“When one thinks of the senate chamber you think of dignity, respect, honor, and tradition, and those things are very much in my mind and in my heart as I get the opportunity to speak with you today,” said Lt. Gov. Brent Sanford.

As part of the Burgum-Sanford Main Street Initiative, he said he will meet with mayors and city leaders across the state.

Sanford wants to make sure each city has the appropriate tools and programs for healthy growth.

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