New 32nd Avenue/I-29 Ramp Set to be Biggest Road Construction Project of 2017

The city and ND-DOT are lending their ear and giving guidance to those who will be affected by the upcoming construction

The big road project of this year will be the expansion of 32nd Avenue South and the construction of a new Southbound I–29 to eastbound 32nd Avenue loop ramp.

Business owners and people living near the construction area got the opportunity to learn more about the project at a meeting held at the West Acres Mall.

Officials say 2017’s biggest road construction project will cost nearly $20 million but the improvements are a necessity.

“The pavement on the east side is 30 years old and the pavement is really falling apart on that end,” said Jeremy Gorden, who is the Transportation Division Engineer for the City of Fargo. “So you’ve got the pavement falling apart and there are capacity issues.”

Although the city says there are fewer businesses that are going to be affected by this project on 32nd Avenue than other projects in the past, that doesn’t mean those business owners that will be affected aren’t worried.

The meeting gave business owners and community members an opportunity to have their concerns addressed.

“So we’re just letting them know what’s going to go on,” said Gorden. “What we’re exactly up to, how long it’s going to take and how their access will be modified during construction.”

“It’ll be nice once the project is done, but the concerns over our patients getting there, finding alternative routes and making sure they’re there when they need to be there is going to be a concern of ours,” said Saint Sophie’s Psychiatric Center Employee, Joylynne Jahner.

City Engineering says traffic will be open on 32nd Avenue throughout construction, but it will be limited.

“I did hear that they won’t really shut down 32nd Avenue,” said Jahner.  “It’ll probably be single lane travel for a portion. They’ll do the north side then they’ll do the south side, which will be helpful.”

For those who have to take the street, City Engineering says they’ll just have to remain patient during construction.

“If you’re planning to come out here to any of these businesses, you can still get there,” explained Gorden. “It’s just going to take you a little bit of time.”

Once the project is complete, the section of 32nd Avenue South will be expanded to six lanes which should help the existing congestion in the area.

The project is set to begin in the spring and is scheduled to be completed in the fall.

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