The 2017 Winter Woodturning Extravaganza Makes Its Mark

The Minn-Dak Woodturners Association provided an extravaganza to show off their work

MOORHEAD, Minn. — It’s a skill not everyone is capable of doing. The Minn–Dak Woodturners Association proved how skilled they really are and carved up a huge selection of crafty pieces for the community.

About 20 accomplished turners demonstrated several projects and techniques including tops, bowls, vases, Christmas decorations and even spindles.

“Oh it’s fun. Everybody is talking and creating things like they like to and answering questions and interacting with everybody,” said Ruth Severson, owner of the Minn-Dak Woodturners.

Severson has been woodturning for about six years and says meeting new people in the club is one of the best parts.

“We have police officers and ministers and doctors and everybody, all the mechanics. It’s just neat,” said Severson.

Woodturning is an internationally and nationally known hobby. Roy Jacobsen is going into his third year of turning. He says creating pieces of art brings him back to clarity after working a nine to five desk job every day.

“Being able to actually take something from a raw material from a log and get something that ends up being a fine finished product, that’s really gratifying to me,” said Jacobsen.

From second-year beginners to 30-year experts, woodturners explain what their favorite part is and what their motivation is to keep them going.

“Sometimes, it’s just knowing the tricks to getting things off-centered or whatever it may be, but a lot of times it’s just that. People looking at things and going wow, how’d you do that,” said Ron Williams.

“I love the beautiful colors of the wood. Mother Nature does a heck of a job when it comes to making beauty,” said Severson.

For some, it’s about giving their creations to others.

“Today, I’m making Norse dolls,” said Williams. “I’m part of the medieval recreation group, and I’m making presents to give to somebody.”

The extravaganza gives turners an opportunity to share ideas and share the same love for art. The Minn–Dak Woodturners Association has around 75 members who hold meetings on the second Thursday of every month.

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