Two Local Fargo Women Who Created ‘Matthews Voice Project’ Are Being Awarded

Matthews Voice Project helps to aid studens in Fargo Public Schools that are homeless

Monday’s 17th Annual Martin Luther King Celebration will award three people the Fargo Human Relations Award.

One of the awards will go to the creators of Matthew’s Voice Project.

Matthew’s Voice Project started out as something minimum and ended up impacting more lives than originally planned.

Known as ‘MVP’, it’s an effort to assist students in Fargo public schools that are experiencing homelessness.

The focus is to support and encourage these kids to complete high school and move onto college.

“We feel like we’ve gotten so much out of this just by helping but it has never been about us, it’s always been about them,” said Co-Creator, Jenny Schuster.

The two founders of the organization say it all started with senior photos for the students.

They wanted every student to have a spot in the yearbook.

Once the word got out, others started donating items so students in need could hold onto something more than just a picture.

“Pictures turned into excess funds turned into bus tickets which turned into clothing,” said Co-Creator, Michelle Warren.

And that’s not all.

“Gift cards, donations for food, clothing, we get clothing coming in, personal hygiene products,” said Schuster.

Jenny and Michelle composed a list on social media of items students’ need that can’t be found in a classroom.

They say they wouldn’t be able to help so many kids if it weren’t for the help of the community chipping in.

“When you hear about kids that are in high school that are trying to finish and they’re living in cars, they’re living in unsafe conditions, you can’t hear that and not want to do something,” said Schuster.

Both Jenny and Michelle say helping those in need is truly something that’s effortless, and not just high schoolers but helping anyone.

“It’s even if you want to take somebody out to eat that’s struggling or maybe help them with their rent one month,” said Schuster.

When asked how they felt about being up for an award at the 2017 MLK Celebration, it’s safe to say it’s something they weren’t expecting at all.

“I was pretty stunned,” said Schuster.

“If it inspires one person to go out and help another I think then we’ve won. That’s a bigger win than any award,” said Warren.

The Fargo Human Relations Award will also be presented to Hukun Abdullahi and Darci Asche during the 2017 MLK Celebration tomorrow night at 6:30 at the Fargo Theatre.

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