Former West Fargo Police Chief Described as “Abusive” and Angry

Complaint Files Show That Police Chief Mike Reitan Had Issues in the Work Place


Personnel and complaint files are shedding a light on the toxic atmosphere of the West Fargo Police Department under the command of Chief Mike Reitan.

A number of employees have filed complaints against Reitan, who is in the process of being let go by the city after he was placed on administrative leave last week.

One employee said Reitan would get so mad he couldn’t speak.

Other times he would slam his fists on the desk and yell.

Another employee said they felt “unsafe” and “scared” to come to work.

They also referred to the actions of the chief as an “abusive relationship”.

One letter from a high ranking member of the force to the city administrator claimed a fear of retaliation for coming forward.

An email sent to Reitan in October of 2016 from Tina Fisk, the City Administrator, read, “I cannot help but perceive that you as chief feel you should be able to, without approval of anyone, do what you so choose. That is not how the system is set up.”

We reached out to Reitan and were told he would not comment about the situation at this time.

Reitan has been with the department for more than 30 years, the last two years as police chief.

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