How Ranchers Keep Livestock Warm in Winter Storms

Ranchers say livestock deaths are "minimal" so far this winter season

Despite recent winter storms, North Dakota Ag officials say most of the state’s livestock made it through.

Cattle specialist Carl Dahlen says most cows are not taken inside during harsh winter storms.

He says this can be dangerous to the animals.

The excessive body heat and moisture could cause the spread of pneumonia or other sicknesses.

Ranchers use tree lines, walls or hay bails to block wind while making sure cattle are well fed and well hydrated into the night.

“When the body temperature is raising, you have all of this heat happening from the digestive process,” said NDSU’s beef cattle specialist Carl Dahlen. “By moving the meals until later in the day, the cattle will actually be warmer through the night.”

Rancher groups say livestock deaths for this winter season look “minimal,” with losses at “average to light.”

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