Snow Business: Where Does Fargo’s Snow…Go?

Throughout the year, city workers carry away piles of plowed snow

We’ve all seen the big trucks taking mounds of snow away from our streets, but where does it all go?

City workers spent all morning moving piles of snow from the Rose Creek neighborhood to a new home for the winter.

There are four designated spots where excess snow is taken to in Fargo.

Before it all gets hauled away, these piles of snow can be a source for fun.

“We spent about an hour last night working on our igloo,” said Emily Brooks of Fargo. “Actually we kind of predicted this was going to happen sometime soon.”

They managed to finish the igloo the night before plows knocked it down.

But they welcome the speedy removal.

“I feel like Fargo has done a really good job getting our streets cleared and we’ve been really pleased,” Brooks said.

The public works manager says it’s not carried away for flood prevention.

Snow piles are moved so traffic can flow better.

“By us hauling the snow, it provides us the opportunity to anticipate a next snowing event to be able to store snow so we’re able to haul again,” said Fargo public works manager Mark Williams.

He says all four of the city’s snow storage sites are equipped with enough drains to keep the piles from causing flood problems.

“Most of them have been a snow dump location for many, many years,” Williams said.

Williams says it’s illegal for property owners to move their snow onto the streets and cul-de-sacs of Fargo.

Anyone breaking this rule could face fines which are determined on a case by case basis.

Williams says the routes used by snow removal vehicles are well maintained to ensure a timely pick-up.

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