Hundreds Gathered for the Women’s March in Fargo

The Women's March on Washington Took Place In Every State, Including Right Here in North Dakota

FARGO, N.D. — The Women’s March on Washington has expanded to all 50 states. Hundreds of people gathered together in downtown Fargo to march for equal rights.

The mission statement for every Women’s March reads:  “We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.”

“It’s important because when someone’s rights have been intervened or been taken away, so we have to stand up for ourselves,” said Hakun Abdullahi, a Women’s March speaker.

“I am overwhelmed by the success of this and what social media can do to bring people of like minds and hearts together,” said Maureen Woodbury with the Women’s March.

All backgrounds, races, religions, gender identities, ages and communities of immigrants were welcome. Women, men, children and even grandparents made their way up and down Broadway. They all had one word to describe the feeling of the march.

“Empowering. I’m so happy to be here. I’m so happy this is happening in Fargo,” said Maggie Burke with the Women’s March.

“I just feel so empowered today to speak up for equal justice for all people. I just don’t want any more hate in our world I want love and peace,” said Carole Evenson with the Women’s March.

“This is so empowering and I’m just gleeful,” said Woodbury.

Before marching, many people went up to say why they think this march is important. Those in the community say they’re not just marching for women’s rights, but for everyone’s rights.

“I’m here today standing with the women and also specifically standing with the refugees too. Like right now what is going on in North Dakota,” said Abdullahi.

“It’s amazing. I mean I definitely did not think this many people would show up,” said Mackenzie Eckman with the Women’s March. “Like there’s this many people in Fargo? But it’s incredible. It means a lot. It’s beautiful seeing the community come together.”

“Women’s rights are human rights and this isn’t even just about women it’s about equality for all,” said Trisha Mcdonald with the Women’s March.

“Love trumps hate,” said Evenson.

They’re among the thousands participating in sister marches across the country, standing up for what they believe in and marching to make a difference. A grand total of 673 Women’s Marches took place worldwide.


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