UPDATED: Governor Dayton Relaxing at Home After Collapsing During State of the State Address

Dayton had been speaking for more than 40 minutes before he collapsed at the podium


Dramatic moments at Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s State of the State address in St. Paul.

The governor collapsed and hit his head during a joint session of the legislature.

Dayton had been speaking for more than 40 minutes when he unexpectedly collapsed.

He was reportedly about to make an offer of a new public health care option.

Reporters say the 69-year-old governor appeared conscious as he was helped into a back room about five minutes later.

House Speaker Kurt Daudt quickly adjourned the joint session of the House and Senate.

“Thank you Mr. President,” said Speaker Daudt as people were caring for the governor on the floor behind the podium. “I move that the joint convention do now adjourn. Sen. Gazelka moves that the joint convention do now adjourn all those in favor say I, all those opposed say I, opposed no. The motion prevails and I declare the joint convention adjourned.”

Speaker Daudt later said Dayton appeared to be fine and wished him a speedy recovery.

The house minority leader heard Dayton was up all night crafting the finishing touches on his speech.

Dayton fainted during a campaign event last year and his staff blamed it on overheating and dehydration.

His office has just put out a statement saying the “governor is at home” spending time with his son and grandson.

It also says he will present his 2017 budget Tuesday at 11:15 am as planned.

Governor Dayton and his entire staff also say they thank the people of Minnesota for their outpouring of support and concern.


Governor Mark Dayton was about to address the rising costs of health care all Minnesotans are facing when he took a drink of water and collapsed at the podium during his State of the State Address at the Capitol.

Dayton had been speaking for more than 40 minutes.

House Speaker Kurt Daudt and others helped Dayton before Daudt adjourned the joint session of the House and the Senate.

KMSP Fox 9 reporter Timothy Blotz says Gov. Dayton stood up on his own after a few moments just before he was escorted out of the room.

Daudt sent out a message through his Twitter account saying the governor appears to be all right and “wishes him a speedy recovery”.

We will bring you more information as it comes into the newsroom.

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