Volunteers Prep for Frostival

Volunteers built igloos and snow cubes for the 2017 Frostival

The 2017 Frostival kicks off this Friday and the community has been working together to build the perfect winter set up.

The Frostival will include activities such as cardboard sled races, snow fort making and a winter rocks skating event.

Today, 13 volunteers put on their snow boots and came out to the Hjemkomst to build igloos and snow cubes for the upcoming festivities.

The day was led by Mark Hilde, who is an igloo builder and was the first mate of the Hjemkomst Viking Ship that sailed from New York to Norway in 1982.

“The snow is in good condition for it. You can see the water here is melting but come this weekend there should be a lot of activity right here. But we’re kind of just preparing for the fun stuff.”

Frostival will begin on Friday night at 6pm.

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