Seniors Learn All About Smartphones and Tablets

Look out millennials, grandma's learning how to use an iPad

The world of smartphones and computers is constantly changing.

That’s why AARP and AT&T teamed up for the Technology Workshop for Seniors.

It’s the first time they’ve ever done this, and classes filled up fast.

“I learned how to take a video,” said participant Alice Prokop.

“Our grandchildren all want us to be on the wonderful Snapchat,” said Alisa Anderson of Kindred.

People 50 years old and up brought in their smartphones, tablets and laptops to learn from the experts.

“I’ve had it for like, two years, so I do know a little,” said Prokop.

If they didn’t bring any, the stack of iPads were there to help.

They taught seniors the basics, like how to record a video and things like how to stay safe on the web.

“I think older people are really concerned about safety online,” said Lyle Halvorson, communications director of AARP’s North Dakota branch. “Are they gonna be hacked, can I trust this email, that kind of thing.”

“Grandparents can obviously Facetime you and that type of thing,” said┬áSteven Mcnab, area network manager of AT&T. “I used to have to wait for a postcard, so it’s great technology.”

Don’t tell the others, but Alisa Anderson says she pretty much knows all this stuff.

She volunteers at a small library and is looking into starting her own tech classes.

“I was looking for new apps that people use,” said Anderson. “There’s so many of them out there, and yet you never really know which ones work.”

But some are starting from square one, learning about protecting their credit card numbers and making good passwords.

“Check email on it, how to send a text message, how to take a photo, or how to text a photo to somebody,” said Halvorson.

So next time these seniors connect to the web, they have the tools needed to surf safely.

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