The Red River Valley Boat Show Gets People in the Mood for Summer

The 25th annual boat show takes over the Fargodome all weekend long

FARGO, N.D. — There’s nothing like teasing summer in the middle of winter. The Red River Valley Boat Show is more than just boats. You’ll find paddleboards, jet skis, speed boats and all kinds of fishing gear.

“I just love getting everything into the building and the show ready and then opening the doors and people come down and start buying stuff,”┬ásaid show manager Barry Cenaiko. “That’s fun and then I can just hang off to the side and watch it all happen.”

Boaters are not only making purchases, but they also have the opportunity to get tips from the pros. Seminars are being held all weekend including talks on fishing tips. Boaters say getting advice from those with experience is crucial when they’re out on the lakes.

“Well, Jason Mitchell is going to talk about precision walleye trolling, and I hope to fish up in Devils Lake a lot more this summer,” said David Brandenburg.

Salesman say that customers come back each and every year to check out the new features, such as a rear-view camera on the back of this boat.

“It gives the guy driving the boat an opportunity to see someone skiing and taking it in,” said Cenaiko.

“I’ve been selling wakeboard boats for the last 15 years, and every year there’s something new,” said Josh Zieske,┬áBusiness Manager and Sales. “For instance, this year we have the new power towers where the towers go up and down by themselves.”

While it takes months of hard work in setting up the show, those involved say the experience makes it all worthwhile.

“What’s really fun is to watch the families come here and to see families get on,” said Cenaiko. “The dad will get behind the council, the mom will go somewhere, the kids are figuring out where they want to be and they’re excited.”

“The experience is awesome. The best part about this is our seasons are usually half winter, half summer. So this time of year gets people excited to come back,” said Zieske.

If you’re planning on going fishing or just hanging out on the water this summer, there’s over 200 boats to choose from that will be available this weekend. The Boat Show will continue through Sunday and is $8 for adults and $2.50 for children.

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