UND Hosts Seventh Annual Interfaith Week

Panalists, students and faculty discuss head wrapping, a cultural trend taking place all over the world

UND is hosting its 7th annual Interfaith Week in an effort to increase cultural awareness and an environment of educational interest.

Spiritual luncheons, discussions and events have been taking place since Saturday, starting with the ‘Values of Buddhist Tradition’.

A spiritual wrapping luncheon took place today where panelists discussed the importance of head wrapping, which is a cultural trend taking place all over the world.

“For myself, it’s personal reverence,” said Chassidy Strege, who is on the planning committee. “It’s a call to behave better…it’s awareness of those who are struggling with their health like with cancer and things like that.”

Interfaith Week will pick back up tomorrow with “Lunch With A Muslim” at noon.

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