NDSU Students are Freezin’ for a Reason

Members of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity and Kappa Delta Sorority hosts their annual Freeze–A–Thon

NDSU students say they are freezin’ for a reason this week.

Members of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity and Kappa Delta Sorority are hosting their annual Freeze–A–Thon.

Day or night, rain or shine, nothing will stop these students from fundraising.

“We stand here on the corner of 12th and University for 120 hours straight, five full days to accept donations for Nokomis Childcare Center,” said Nick Birkhimer, who is the philanthropy chair of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.

“We give top priority enrollment to low income families and offer them scholarships so that they can afford quality childcare while they’re going to work or school,” said Jane Greminger, who is the Program Director of Nokomis Childcare. “We also give top priorities to families where children might have behavior challenges, or might have a developmental delay, or teenage parents, single parent families.”

Last year’s students were able to donate over $16,000; they say this year they want to give even more.

“We want to raise $20,000,” said Birkhimer. “We’ve already raised $3,422 dollars in one day. That’s three times more than last year’s first day so we’re super excited that we’re going to reach our goals and we want everyone to help out.”

“Every year, they bring in tons of money for us and we put those dollars towards a scholarship at Nokomis,” said Greminger.

The students say that knowing that they are helping others makes the cold bearable.

“Our first hour, we had everyone out here, we got super hyped up listening to music, dancing around,” said Birkhimer. “Anything to keep warm and keep people excited you know.”

“They’re awesome,” added Greminger. “They’re out here, just having a great time, fun music and just a great cause because they really want to help out the community and the kids at Nokomis. We appreciate them.”

Students will be collecting donations at the NDSU Memorial Union every day from 9–5.

The Freeze–A–Thon will conclude this Friday.

You can donate to the Freeze–A–Thon on their website here.

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