The City on the Grow: Introducing ‘West Fargo 2.0’

The Vision Session allowed for the community to contribute ideas for an expansion plan

The City of West Fargo and the West Fargo Park District are brainstorming in an effort to create what they call ‘West Fargo: 2.0’.

West Fargo officials say they need a little bit of thinking outside the box so the city can be bigger…and better.

City planners, representatives with the park district and consultants from Town Planning and Urban Design Collaborative organized a vision session at City Hall to find ways the ‘City on the Grow’…can keep growing.

And their enthusiasm for the project is already creating a burst of positivity.

“I just can’t wait to see what people come up with,” said Brian Wright. “Every community we work in is different. They have different things they focus on and it’s really exciting to see people maybe ask for the first time, ‘what do you want for the future’ and say ‘oh, I didn’t even know I could think of that’.”

Brian Wright is the Principle of Town Planning & Urban Design Collaborative and works all over the country helping cities make enticing upgrades.

He says while West Fargo is already a great city, he’s hoping to help take it to the next level.

“What I want to do is really make sure that we create a plan that speaks to everybody and everybody feels like there’s something in it for them,” he explained.

Wright isn’t the only one wanting community support and input.

Planning Director Larry Weil says they want the people of West Fargo to put their own stamp on the city.

“We have many, many more inhabitants here that have had no involvement in community growth,” said Weil.

Each table set up at the session included a map of West Fargo where people were able to write down ideas of where they would like to see growth and expansion.

Pins were also available to be placed in spots where people could imagine commercial or residential zones.

Some of the themes have included revitalization of neighborhoods, pedestrian safety and more community networking.

Mayor Rich Mattern says it’s projects like these that make the city’s future bright.

“I think the sky’s the limit with what people want,” he said.

Community members who couldn’t attend today’s vision session can go online to the city’s interactive website to give their input.

Planners say while this is a work in progress, they’re excited to see the final outcome.

“When it’s all set and done we’re going to have a plan. It won’t happen in one day but it will happen,” said Mayor Mattern.

It’s a true testament for what the community calls the ‘City on the Grow’.

The planning process began last fall and the final event will be the Planapalooza from April 20 through the 25th.

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