Fargo Police Searching for Armed Robbery Suspects

The suspects are described as two black males who stole an undisclosed amount of cash

Police are searching for two suspects in an armed robbery of the 25th Street South Casey’s in Fargo.

“Approximately 5:16, the Casey’s store had two males enter,” explained Fargo Police Sgt. Collin Gnoinsky. “They appeared to be black males and both of them brandished handguns and ended up behind the till. There was one employee that was working at the time and one of the males demanded that she open the till, where they proceeded to steal an undisclosed amount of cash and then fled the store.”

After looking through security footage, police say the two males were wearing dark clothing and had something covering their faces.

“We did arrive on scene pretty quick and attempted a K-9 track and that track was unsuccessful,” added Sgt. Gnoinsky.

Police say in a situation like this, it is best to give the suspects what they want.

“There’s no amount of money worth someone being injured for or worse,” said Sgt. Gnoinsky. “Money can be replaced, a life can’t so we’d advise to do what they ask and give what they want.”

Police say that no one was injured and they are continuing to investigate.

This is the second armed robbery in the last two weeks to hit the metro.

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