Woman Dies of Overdose in Front of Local Hospital

After a woman dies after being abandoned in front of a hospital while overdosing Wednesday, Fargo Police want to remind the commuity of a law meant to prevent such incidents

A woman passed away from an overdose after she was left in front of a local hospital last night and Fargo Police want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

The department is reminding people in North Dakota of a law that grants immunity to those who call in a drug overdose.

If a person reports an overdose, they will be granted immunity from having charges pressed against them such as possession, intoxication and paraphernalia.

Police say fear of prosecution is something they see far too often.

“We do go to a lot of overdose scenes where we know that people hid drugs and paraphernalia before we get there. I don’t know for a fact that they did it before they called, but that shouldn’t even be on your mind. What you should be thinking about is helping your friend,” said Lieutenant Shannon Ruziska with Fargo Police Department.

Wednesday’s overdose death was the first in 2017 and police say it’s a reminder that the problem is still prevalent in the area.

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