Concordia College Comes Together During Interfaith Week

Interfaith and World Harmony week is a week long event filled with discussions and meetings of coming together as one in the community

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Interfaith and World Harmony week at Concordia College is an opportunity for students to learn, engage and grow together.

This is the 2nd annual Interfaith and World Harmony Week bringing the Concordia community together.

In light of current issues surrounding refugees in North Dakota and Minnesota, students say this is the perfect week to recognize each other’s backgrounds.

“It’s more about hearing peoples stories and learning about it because people tend to be scared of the unknown,” said Jake Bordelon with Better Together. “So it’s just about learning about things where you’re then more knowledgeable and you feel more comfortable.”

Bordelon leads Better Together, a student group that organized Interfaith and World Harmony Week.

He’s looking forward to getting to know more about his fellow students.

“Diversity…it’s important,” he added. “I mean, it’s inevitable, so you’re going to have it no matter what and I think it’s just more being comfortable in that diversity and being accepting.”

Campus Ministry changed their theme to the interfaith motto, ‘I See You, We See You’.

“This week, because it is World Interfaith Harmony Week, we’re focusing on seeing one another,” said Campus Minister, Jon Leiseth. “Seeing people with different traditions with different faiths than other people may have.”

One pastor even shared her experience about a time in Syria when a family took her in.

She says the act of hospitality reminded her that our world is one big family.

“So when I was thinking of a narrative to share this morning, that is resonating with me and resonating with our country,” said Campus Pastor, Elly McHan. “With our world right now, that’s the one…that’s the one that needed to be shared.”

The organizers of Interfaith and World Harmony Week plan on making it an annual event.

“When you really know one another and you see another and you interact with one another across these barriers, we often put up then stereotypes can’t stand,” said Pastor McHan.

Interfaith & World Harmony Week runs through Friday.

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