A Life of Service: Honoring the Memory of Officer Jason Moszer

Officer Moszer's family is preparing for a special tribute one year after being killed on duty

SABIN, Minn. — Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the shooting death of Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer.

Officer Moszer was shot and killed on February 10th, 2016, while responding to a domestic disturbance in north Fargo.

The grief from his loss is still being felt one year later.

“It just didn’t seem real,” said Amy Moszer. “I thought he was going to be okay.  I think it was the funeral when it kind of hit that he was gone.”

Amy is Jason’s sister-in-law and met the family when Jason was just 10-years-old.

“I watched him grow up into a man,” she said. “We lived in the same town and we did a lot of stuff as a family. So we were pretty close.  There’s been some tough times. Christmas was hard and his birthday was hard. Thanksgiving, and those kind of things are tough without him.”

Amy says many of Jason’s close relatives were able speak with him before he passed away in the hospital.

“That was really tough,” she added. “But we were lucky that we got to say goodbye.”

Jason left behind a wife and two children and Amy says they are doing well.

Even though it’s been almost a full year, she says time has not made grief any easier.

“As time goes on, the more and more we miss him,” she said. “So that’s hard. I guess we’re getting more used to not having him around.”

For the one year anniversary of his passing, the Fargo Force will hold a ceremony Friday night in honor of Moszer’s life.

Amy says Jason loved hockey and was a huge fan of the Force.

“Him and his brother, they both love hockey,” she said. “Our daughter plays and we’re kind of a hockey family.”

As the days go by, Amy says she hopes that time doesn’t fade the memories people have of a man and his life of service.

“I hope that the community never forgets Jason and what he did for us, and…that he was just such a good person,” she added. “He was loved and we miss him. We’re lucky that we live in the community that we live in.”

Friday night, we’ll bring you live coverage of the Fargo Force’s tribute to Officer Jason Moszer before the game.

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