Giving Hearts Day: Not Just About Giving Back…It’s Giving Your All

All around the Fargo-Moorhead area, we found organizations and volunteers working hard to help raise money for Giving Hearts Day

RED RIVER VALLEY — When it comes to Giving Hearts Day, it’s not about what you give, but how you give it.

For these local groups, it wasn’t just about giving back, it was about giving it their all.

All around town, people are on the move for a cause.

At Cycle Bar, bikers are on the fast track to raising money for TNT Kids Fitness and Gymnastics.

“They ride as hard as they can for 10 minutes to see who can get the most points,” said Jodi Roper, who is the owner of CycleBar, a new fitness facility in West Fargo.

The donations raised help people from all walks of life get active.

“I’ve witnessed the changes when kids of all abilities have the opportunity to find their gifts,” added Todd Mickelson, who is with TNT Kids Fitness and Gymnastics.

At least 326 charities are taking part in Giving Hearts Day and some…are hard to miss.

Taking a drive down Main Avenue in Fargo, the air may be cold as ice, but with giving back, “hot-tubbing” in February…is twice as nice.

“Sitting in the hot tub is about as crazy as we could think of,” said Lindsay Johnson, who is a counselor with Kamp Kace.

Kamp Kace takes a hot…and steamy approach to getting your attention.

“This is when your donation counts the most because they match everything through Giving Hearts Day,” added Johnson.

Kamp Kace stands for Kids Against Cancer Everywhere and is an organization that helps children who are diagnosed with cancer and their families reconnect through positive camping experiences.

Across the river at the Moorhead Center Mall, we visit Hope Inc…where it’s less bubbly…but your donations help keep people on the move.

In both Minnesota and North Dakota, everyone loves going to the lakes, but if you’re mobility challenged, it may be harder to enjoy those every day summer things.

At the Moorhead Center Mall, you have a chance to see what that’s like.

“It’s definitely one of our bigger fundraisers and it just helps us keep the costs low and our services available and affordable to our families,” said Holly Collom, who is with Hope Inc.

The organizations we give back to, lend a hand all year long.

Because for everyone involved, it’s not just about being a member of an organization…it’s about being a part of a community.

More than $30.9 million has been raised through Giving Hearts Day in the last nine years.

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