Blood Donations Needed – Could You be a Donor?

United Blood Services is looking for new donors to help donate their blood

FARGO, N.D. — United Blood Services is asking you to consider donating, no matter what blood type you are, especially since we’re in the middle of flu season.

UBS officials say they welcome blood donations of all types, but especially look for “O” negative because it is the universal blood type.

They say many people might shy away from donating because they think their medications or health histories might defer them.

They say it’s also important to remember that blood donations don’t just affect adults.

“When a patient needs blood it can only come from a volunteer blood donor,” said Donor Recruitment Manager, Tami Kilzer. “There isn’t a substitute for it and the needs can be very wide ranging. We’ve got preemies who might need blood we have surgery patients or cancer patients that will need blood.”

Officials say only five percent of the population donates blood on a regular basis yet 60 percent of the population is eligible.

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